Brand Audit for 2 competitors-PINK & T.M.Lewin

Our business is based on ready made and customized men’s wear shirts. Our brand is called “Only Me”. Two main competitors are “Pink” and “T.M.Lewin”.

Brand Touch points



Online– The website is very clear and exciting. Straight away you see various styles of shirts and varies color options with recommendations to suit your needs. Customer service contact details are available clearly in one corner. It is very organized and easy to use. They advertise their blog, YouTube advert and e.vouchers. When you click on a item, you will get different view, colors and size options with a paragraph explaining more about the item. You have an option to undergo their virtual fitting room by choosing your body dimensions, this is extremely helpful if you don’t know your size.

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In store– Pink originated in Jermyn street London, but now have many stores in London and around the world. The stores give you a very matured and classic feel, with everything being very organized and clean. The front of the stores are black with a large gold “PINK” logo in capital letters.The fixtures are wooden and the floors and walls are a basic color. The cloths are neatly folded or hanged beautifully.

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Purchases– The brands image is very formal and classic office wear. The staff are extremely helpful with their affective customer service. They offer a 28 day refund policy with the original receipt. The receipts and the shopping bags are also pink. The bags are not plastic but waxed paper with strings to carry.



Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 20.36.04

Online– The website is quite simple and plain but also very organized. Shirts for both men and women or suites are very big on the front page, easy for you to search depending on what you want.They advertise there social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They have T.M.Lewin tv and live chat if you need advice. Customer service contact details are also available on one corner.

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In store– T.M.Lewin originated in Jermyn street London, but now have many stores in London and around the world. The front of the stores are very simple and basic, usually in black or just glass. The logo is always above in either black or white. Inside the stores, they have wooden fixtures for their shirts and silver rails for their suits, which maintains a classic office wear feel.

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Purchases– The brands image is formal affordable office wear with quality goods. The staff are helpful with good customer service. They offer a 90 day refund policy with the original receipt. The receipts are basic and white.

TM Lewin Identity_053

The difference between these two business is that Pink is at a much higher end and their goods are at a better quality, meaning that they are much more expensive than T.M.Lewin. ¬†Pink has more stores worldwide and in more countries. Their locations in all those countries are at the higher end of the cities, located along with other High end and luxury brands, this gives you the impression that Pink is part of the big brands around the world. The websites are also different, Pink being much more easier and user friendly. Pink’s website is also beautifully laid out and gives you the impression of quality and luxury compared to T.M.Lewin.

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